About Me

My favorite tech stack includes: Node, Express, PostgresQL, React, and Redux, though I'm also comfortable in Python and Ruby. I'm currently a teaching fellow at Fullstack Academy in NYC.

Before I learned to code, I earned a BA in Public Health from Harvard College. After working in public health for two years, I earned an MA in English Literature at Portland State, where I also taught college composition.

Though my professional passion is now software engineering, I'm always thinking about ways to apply programming to healthcare, education, and the digital humanities.


Open Source Contributions: Redux

Added FAQ section describing internal design considerations, including the implementation of applyMiddleware and combineReducers. Next contribution (in progress) is to update Redux tests to use Jest's react-test-renderer.


Watson Search and Rescue

Uses the Unity game engine to simulate 100 drones searching for a capsized boat, and then uses the Watson Visual Recognition API (using a machine learning custom classifier) to identify potential boating accidents. Displays these images and their coordinates to the user on a simple dashboard website, built with React and Express.

Vimeo Demo


3D multiplayer browser game built with Three.js that provides an API for players to program robot behavior and simulate battles.

YouTube Demo
Deployed Site

Hourglass Redux

2D multiplayer platform game built with Phaser and Socket.IO, with time travel functions implemented across sockets via rewinding the Redux store.

YouTube Demo